We call what we do
Research for decision makers

We are experts in insight consultancy, qualitative and quantitative research, and data analytics.

And we use complementary disciplines to enrich our work, including semiotics, behavioural economics, and neuroscience.

We work globally across B2C, B2B and D2C markets in a wide range of sectors, including Automotive, Financial Services, Media & Telecoms, Public & Not for Profit, Retail, Travel and Utilities.

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Our capabilities

We’ve been in business over thirty five years, and our work draws on our management consulting roots, brand strategy, and marketing and communications planning, as well as core expertise in research, insight and data analytics.


We launched our new Qualitative offer early in 2022, with Dr Russ Wilson at the helm as Managing Director. Our ‘open dialogue’ approach treats research participants as peers, reaching a higher level of engagement and delivering more authentic, deeper insight into people’s lives.


Making full use of our analytics capabilities, our ‘quant with a qual mindset’ ethos helps clients distinguish the signal from the data noise to map markets, segment customer bases, understand decision hierarchies and purchase pathways, assess potential for new propositions, and more. Our team is led by MD Peter Hasler, who has nearly 30 years’ experience of delivering for clients.


Under CEO Ben Skelton, our award-winning team designs, builds, and implements tracking systems to measure brand health and monitor customer experience delivery. We combine, connect, and analyse multiple research and other data sources to provide a holistic view of customers and optimise returns on your tracking investment.

Data & Analytics

As we are fond of saying, ‘if you can’t trust the data, you’ve got nothing’. Headed up by Hamza Bin Ikram our dedicated data and analytics function has got you covered, from data processing to complex modelling, and is rated by clients for its ability to create real-world, accessible and actionable outputs.


The power
of good research

We believe in the power of good research, and its ability to inspire leaders to think differently and decide with confidence.

But we don’t love research for its own sake.

We love research for what you can do with it.

This thought – that research has no value till it’s used – is what sits behind ‘Research for decision makers’ and the way we go about our work.

Watch our people talk to The Power of Good Research here.

“We are in a partnership, in the trenches together.”