What we do

We offer a research skill set with a consultancy mindset, focused on improving customer performance.

Our work is typically about helping clients

Attract & develop customers

Usage and attitude studies

Segmentation & value stream mapping


Addressing loyalty and retention

Build engaging brands


Brand definition



Marketing effectiveness

Take products & services to market

Proposition development

Market strategy


Piloting and prototyping

Design & optimise customer experiences

Journey mapping

Voice of customer & customer feedback systems

CEX consultancy

Investment prioritisation

Track & improve brand and customer metrics

Customer tracking, including CEX, CSAT/CSI, CVIs and NPS

Brand tracking

Analysing multiple data sources

Customer value analytics

Opportunity modelling

Our research capabilities

Since 1987, we’ve underpinned effective strategy projects with outcome-focused and award-winning research, operating across


Our open dialogue’ approach shares the real issues with customers, achieves more respectful engagement and delivers a more truthful and deeper connection


Our ‘quant with a qual mindset’ ethos helps clients see the signs and signals through the data noise


Our tracking systems connect, integrate and organise multiple research and data sources to provide a holistic view of customers


Our dedicated and wide-ranging analytics function provide commercially-focused outputs, clear explanations, and honesty around possibilities and limitations

How we work

We’re typically upfront with customers about what we’re trying to do and why, and treat them as equals.

Lay the foundations

Establishing reach, context, purpose and application of the project

Explore the landscape

Conducting and drawing on different sources of research, data and customer understanding

Uncover the human story

Illuminating findings to reveal the real customers whys

Deliver direction

Creating commercial impact through realistic and achievable strategy

Our specialisms include

Utilising our own digital engagement classification and study into post-digital customers to understand the way customers engage with brands in a modern landscape

Engaging, challenging and helping to manage senior stakeholders

Synthesising and interpreting multiple sources of insight

Accessing hard-to-reach audiences

Running customer closeness events

Being straight talkers. We know when to say ‘no’ and how to be honest with clients if we feel they’re doing wrong by customers


We have an equal focus on B2B and B2C and in the public sector. We work in the UK and conduct projects internationally across

Financial Services




Travel & Leisure

Client stories

How our work translates into results