What we do

We work with brands seeking an open dialogue with their customers to help them understand, prioritise and play into what matters.

We draw on different sources of insight


Qualitative and quantitative market research


Digital dialogue – what customers say about a brand online


Behavioural, transactional, attitudinal data gleaned from customer data


Exploring the ethnography, semiotics, neuro, behavioural economics of a market segment alongside culture and trends


Mining new and existing knowledge about a brand and joining the dots

With the right approach, customers will share a wealth of information and insight

Lay the foundations

Peter Drucker stated that the purpose of business is to create and keep customers. Our ability to deliver a project that has commercial impact lies in placing the customer at its heart.

Crack this and the scope of the challenge ahead falls into place. We collaborate with you to establish the reach, background and relevance of the brief.

Explore the landscape

Discovering what really motivates people takes more than just conventional research. We draw on all sources of customer understanding including intelligence you may already own.

We build trust through an honest approach, invite confidences through participation and connection. We confirm hypothesis with brilliant data.

Uncover the human story

People can be impetuous and habitual, promiscuous but loyal. Yet, an internal logic always governs their actions.

Drawing on disciplines like behavioural economics, cognitive neuroscience and psychology we illuminate our findings to reveal customers’ ‘why’.

Deliver motion

Using entrepreneurial imagination, we overlay these human truths with workable ideas that connect brand ambitions to their customers’ needs.

A realistic and achievable strategy creates a commercial impact for our client.

Customer consultancy

Customer consultancy creates a frame for engaging customers as equals in the process. This involves:

Open dialogue: being upfront about what we’re trying to do and why

Treating customers respectfully in an adult-to adult conversation

Being active participants, not neutral agents, so the engagement is purposeful and directed towards achieving a better solution for clients

Active listening, with the confidence and freedom to follow the conversation where customers want to go: it’s also their agenda

Quadrangle exists to help our clients succeed and grow. That’s remained our galvanising purpose since 1987.


Quadrangle clients are ambitious brands in B2C and B2B markets and in the public sector. We work in the UK and globally across a wide range of sectors with particular expertise in those highlighted below

Financial Services



Telecoms & Tech

Travel & Leisure

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