We’ve helped literally hundreds of clients do incredible things

Over the years we’ve helped literally hundreds of clients do incredible things that have made a difference for their customers.

In the last year alone, we have helped:

M&S Food understand consumer demand for higher welfare food, leading to a decision that was described as ‘major’ and ‘game changing’ by the grocery media. From Autumn 2022 M&S will become the first major retailer to sell only slower reared, higher welfare chicken across its full range of fresh chicken products, giving them a distinct competitive advantage over their competition.

One of our financial services clients do the impossible and figure out how to get people to pay more attention to their pensions.

One of the oldest financial institutions in the US launch a new app-based current account in the UK, using our data to help guide decisions about their ‘go to market’ offer.

A fast-growing tech brand assess what it needs to focus on to differentiate its offer and engagement with customers in a fiercely competitive and often fickle market.

An established insurance brand develop authoritative thought leadership about the changing world of work.

A leading name in telecommunications predict the impact of new customer-focused initiatives on NPS and other customer metrics.

Multiple brands, including TalkTalk, Transport Focus and M&S, explore ways in which customers want them to be more sustainable, and imagine new ways to offer more sustainable choices.

A global manufacturer expand its portfolio to play in different parts of the market.

An alternative private healthcare provider optimise its pricing strategy to better attract and retain customers.

A well-known and much-loved charity consider its strategic options and how to broaden out from its familiar core.

A leading high street bank assess the future of the current account market and how to navigate customer tolerance around ‘free banking’.

One of the UK’s main banks position and launch a major new rewards programme.

Working with us

As someone once said:

“When you work with someone you have chemistry with, it’s easy and it’s fun. You hardly call it work.”

We couldn’t agree more.

People who enjoy what they do, do better work.

We build deep and lasting relationships with clients who share our view of — and passion for — insight, who we can get to know well and invest in.

We don’t pay lip service to this. Each client relationship is overseen by a Partner or MD, who plays a hands-on role on projects.

Our approach is always open, collaborative and resourceful, and sometimes provocative; we aren’t afraid to have an opinion.