Our people are
our magic ingredient

We are proud to be a company of individuals, not clones.

We look for people with personality, talent, and potential, and believe our diversity makes us better and stronger.

Quadrangle people are committed, curious, articulate, thoughtful, optimistic, driven and generous.

Aleksandar Stavridis
Senior Insight Executive
quadrangle-our-people-apr-alex-034 quadrangle-our-people-apr-alex-017
Alex Lewis
quadrangle-our-people-ali-078 quadrangle-our-people-ali-057
Alison Camps
Chairman and Partner
quadrangle-our-people-apr-amber-055 quadrangle-our-people-apr-amber-030
Amber Ward
Financial Controller
quadrangle-our-people-ben-056 quadrangle-our-people-ben-21
Ben Skelton
CEO and Partner
quadrangle-our-people-christine-053 quadrangle-our-people-christine-048
Christine Hastings
Co-Founder and Partner
Craig Copans
IT & Information Security Manager

Our impact

Over the years we’ve helped literally hundreds of brands do incredible things that have made a difference for their customers.

Our impact
Dan Aldridge
Insight Executive
quadrangle-our-people-hamza-043 quadrangle-our-people-hamza-041
Hamza Bin Ikram
Head of Analytics
quadrangle-our-people-helen-013 quadrangle-our-people-helen-034
Helen Spencer
HR Manager
quadrangle-our-people-apr-imogen-017 quadrangle-our-people-apr-imogen-146
Imogen Uffindell-Birt
Insight Director
John Cameron
Production Manager
quadrangle-our-people-mark-054 quadrangle-our-people-mark-023
Mark Reynolds
quadrangle-our-people-peter-019 quadrangle-our-people-peter-050
Peter Hasler
Managing Director, Quantitative
Ridha Qureshi
Project Manager, Qualitative

Let's Talk

There’s nothing better than a good natter and we’d love to hear about your business challenges.

Let’s talk
quadrangle-our-people-sam-009 quadrangle-our-people-sam-037
Sam Webb

Join us

Quadrangle offers a career that’s as challenging as it is varied and rewarding. If you would like to work with a team of bright and ambitious people in a company that wants to make a positive difference to customers’ lives, then it would be great to hear from you.


Equality and diversity

Quadrangle is committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion and eliminating all forms of discrimination.

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A tribute to our founders

Our Founders, John Gambles and Christine Hastings, started the business because they could see a better way of delivering to clients, of making a genuine difference.