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Quadrangle is an award-winning insight consultancy based in London

We help some of the world’s leading brands use customer knowledge and insight to improve customer – and, thereby, commercial – performance.

This draws on our unique experience across 30 years in brand marketing, strategy consulting, customer insight and data analytics.

That experience is synthesised in our approach, which we call Customer know-how.

Quadrangle Research Group Customer know-how

Our approach

Customer know-how is based on a simple, brutal thought.

That if you want to improve performance, you first need to know what creates (and destroys) it in customer terms.

Then, you need to focus on this to the exclusion of all else.

That’s where the know-how is.

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Our services

We offer two main services.

Our core service involves helping brands build and apply customer knowledge and insight in six main areas.

We also offer a consulting service, to help brands make the most of their investment in customer insight, data and tools.

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Quadrangle Research Group Our Services
Quadrangle Research Group New Masters

New Masters

New Masters is a radical new system of metrics that makes sense of customers’ digital engagement and puts a hard, financial value on it.

Brands can use New Masters to profile customers by digital engagement to optimise ROI from sales, marketing and advertising investment.

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Our work

Our work

Our work with brands covers a broad range of issues, sectors and audiences. Clients tell us we bring something different – and exceptionally valuable – that they don’t get from competitors.

Our story

Our story

We’ve been helping brands improve customer performance for 30 years. Our work with Skoda across 1993-98 was described by Marketing as ‘The greatest turn around in marketing history…ever’.

About us

About us

Based just by Tower Bridge, Quadrangle is 100% independent – in ownership, thinking and attitude. We have a unique heritage and a reputation for influential thought leadership.