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Single-minded about what we do.

Open-minded about how we do it.

If, in your business, you saw a better way of doing things, wouldn’t you want to do something about it? We did. So, we created Quadrangle, an agency different by design.


Quadrangle is an independent research and strategy business which helps clients create, use, and communicate insight to drive and inspire change.

We aren’t shackled to any single discipline, methodology or technology but draw on them all; our approach is always bespoke, decided by the unique nature of your brand and what you want to achieve, not our vested interests. No off-the-shelf solutions here.

Where – by concentrating on objectives and outcomes, not methodologies and processes – we use our experience to make a difference to our clients’ performance.

Why Quadrangle

A different purpose

Our Manifesto was written way back in 1989, but it remains as relevant to our purpose today as it was then.

It starts with a very simple statement: Quadrangle exists to help our clients succeed and grow.

Our obsession with delivering work with the potential to inspire brand-altering decisions, that directly influence business outcomes, is what makes us stand apart from the rest.

Ask a simple question…

What’s research for?

We think it’s to be used – to do other, more important things. Like develop customers, grow brands and deliver value to stakeholders.

Why Quadrangle

A different approach

We offer a research skillset with a consultancy mindset

We’ve been in business for over thirty years, and our work draws on our management consulting roots, brand strategy, and marketing and communications planning, as well as core expertise in research, insight and data analytics.

We bring the passion of the entrepreneur; commercial nous and a creative spark to everything we do.
What we do
“A strategic agency, good at solving knotty problems.”