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The second wave of digital is putting unprecedented power in the hands of consumers.

There’s a lot we could say about this but, ultimately, there’s only two things you need to know about digital’s second wave.

First, that it’s driving a permanent and irreversible shift in market power to customers (and, of course, to tech businesses.) That’s why it’s getting harder to create and keep customers, profitably.

Second, the most fundamental effect of the second wave is that it makes the third wave of digital possible. And that’s where things really do start to get interesting.

What we do: help clients succeed in a digital world.

The real challenge from the second wave of digital isn’t about digital, it’s about customers. Leveraging our consulting roots, we help clients use research and data insight to do two absolutely critical things:

  1. Align customer strategy, putting digital at the heart.
  2. Build and deploy customer know-how to create value in a digital world.

Our obsession is to make a difference to our clients’ business. (And we win awards for the commercial impact of our work.)

The second wave of digital

The second wave of digital

Digital’s first wave transformed the supply side. The second wave is now transforming the demand side and, crucially, making the third wave of digital possible.

Research for decision makers

Our approach

We describe our approach as Research for decision makers. Our view is that what we deliver has no value till it’s used, and that the sole measure of quality is impact.

An award winning business

Our business

Started in 1987, Quadrangle’s roots are in strategic consulting. Today, we are an award-winning global research and data insight business.

Our people

Our people

Curious. Ambitious. Restless. Witty. Analytical. Rebellious. Entrepreneurial. Imaginative. Independent. Thoughtful. Fearless. Visionary. Commercial.

Our work

Our work

We ask our clients what they get from working with us. They tell us we bring something different – and enormously valuable – they don’t get anywhere else.