Rooted in insight, we help brands build the know-how to create and keep customers in a digital world.


Quadrangle is an award-winning insight consultancy.

We work locally and globally, helping some of the world’s leading brands create and deploy customer know-how to drive better outcomes.

This draws on our unique experience across 30 years in brand marketing, strategy consulting and, since 2007, customer insight and data analytics.


What we do

We help brands build Customer know-how.

And we give brands the tools to succeed in the third wave of digital.

We also have a separate business in the Group, RED, that offers a stand-alone data collection service for brands, consultancies and agencies.


Five principles.

Five basic principles underpin Customer know-how.  These define our approach and how we think.

1. Think outcomes:  Regardless of market, brand or brief what matters is the outcome. Start there. Work back.

2. Think ‘and’ not ‘or’: No one thing is the answer on its own. So think people and screens; research and data; digital and real world; small data and big data; brand building and sales activation; new and existing knowledge; qual and quant; intellect and intuition. Above all, customers and money.

3. Think customers and money: Follow the money, not just the customer. The second wave of digital changed customer habits, relationships and loyalties: the focus was more on playing into these new behaviours than on measuring the financial value of engagement. Now, the third wave of digital creates an imperative for brands to explain their commercial dynamics in customer terms.

4. Think human and small data: Get into the real world, spend time with customers, go into their homes, explore their lives, look for the detail that illuminates the big picture, develop the hypotheses to make sense of data.  Above all, think human and small data first, numbers and big data second.

5. Think know-how not just insight: Know-how is practical knowledge about how to do stuff. The value of insight is in its usage, not its generation. Customer know-how is about organisational capability: a brand’s ability to not only generate insight, but use it to create and keep customers.


Customer know-how

Customer know-how is about a brand’s ability to not just generate insight, but to use this to create and keep customers.

The deep challenge brands face is that digital has established itself in the space between them and their customers, displacing previous habits, loyalties and relationships and creating new norms.

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Research for decision makers

Research for decision makers

A powerful set of five core insight tools. Our experience is that brands need a core set of five insight tools – no more, no less – each of which is powerful in its own right, but which can also work together as a broader insight system.

New masters

New masters

New Masters is a radical new system of metrics for classifying, tracking and putting a £-value against customers’ digital engagement. It is an invaluable tool for brands to optimise their advertising, marketing and sales in the third wave of digital.

Third wave of digital

Third wave of digital

The challenge for brands is to play into digital’s third wave, without allowing competition from digital to erode their essential connection with customers.

Clients and work

Clients and work

We ask our clients what they get from working with us. They tell us we bring something different – and enormously valuable – they don’t get anywhere else.

About us

About us

Quadrangle is one of the UK’s leading independent insight consultancies.  We have a unique heritage and a reputation for thought leadership in our industry.