We put the focus on customers – the people who decide how and why they spend their money. They're why we are so passionate about our work, and always will be.

A bit about us

Our work draws on more than 30 years’ experience spanning research and insight, brand marketing, performance tracking, analytics and strategy consulting. We bring creative spark and zest, cut with sound commercial nous to every project; entrepreneurial imagination is the attitude at the heart of Quadrangle.


Quadrangle exists to help our clients succeed and grow.
We believe growth and success are rooted in the ability to think better and act differently.
And we believe people – through their attitudes, ideas and abilities – create success and growth.

This inspires us.

It shapes our work, approach and attitude.
It makes us single-minded in what we do, but open-minded about how we do it.
It explains why we work in teams and as partners with our clients.
It’s why we look for people with natural wit, intelligence and nous.
And admire the energy, focus and passion of the entrepreneur.
It creates the attitude at the very heart of Quadrangle:
entrepreneurial imagination.


Irrespective of whether we have opportunities listed below that suit your role, we’re always happy to hear from talented people who’d like to work with us.

Email us with an idea, a thought, a precis of a brand that sparks your interest and the reasons why.

Quadrangle Group

Independent in attitude, ownership and thinking, Quadrangle is 100% owned by the people who work here. This gives us freedom to think for ourselves, without constraints.

The Quadrangle Group comprises three trading businesses, supported by a highly experienced operations team.