Who we are

We are a customer

We help brands understand, and play into what matters to customers.

Quadrangle is an award-winning Customer Consultancy based in London.  We help ambitious brands improve customer and commercial performance.  Our role is to ensure brand strategy, delivery and measures are driven by a deep, honest understanding of what matters to customers.

We start from the view that customers create the value in brands; and that digital has further heightened the importance of this truth.

Our work draws on Quadrangle’s unique, 30-year experience across  research and insight, brand marketing, analytics and strategy consulting. It is underpinned by the attitude at the very heart of our business: Entrepreneurial imagination.


There are two kinds of awards: those we win; and those we help our clients win. We like to win both.

We tend not to enter awards, so those we’ve won are where you can’t enter, but are nominated and voted for by clients. We like these, as they aren’t about vanity, but say something substantive about how clients value what we do.

Yet the awards we help our clients win are the best, because they’re about the difference our work makes in the real world.

In recent years we’ve won both kinds of awards. For example, we:

  • Helped RSA win the MRS’ Best Application of Research Award
  • Have been voted Agency of the Year by the client body, AURA
  • Helped O2 win a Marketing Society Excellence award
  • Won AURA’s Commercial Acumen Award three times in 5 years
  • Helped Home Office win the Best Application of Research Award

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© Quadrangle 2017
© Quadrangle 2017
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‘Who we are’ – The Group

The Quadrangle Group.

We are three businesses and an Operations team, all with the highest level of ISO 27001 accreditation.

The Quadrangle Group comprises three trading businesses, supported by a highly experienced Operations team:

  • Quadrangle is our core Customer Consultancy business.  We employ a mix of insight professionals – researchers, analysts and consultants – who draw on all five sources of customer understanding in their work, i.e. research, data, social media, observation and existing knowledge.

Our people 

  • RED is expert in data collection.  We collect a full range of online, mobile, and in-person methods, enabling research professionals to reach their audiences quickly and effectively.


  • STOREWORKS provides cost-effective retail marketing data and insights.  Uniquely, we give retail and FMCG clients unrivalled access to their audiences via our national field force combinedwith Research Now’s App solutions.


  • Operations undertakes platform management (VoC, CSat, CEX, etc.); recruitment (qual, quant & online); field & project management; DP, scripting & programming; and other technical services for the Group. The Operations team also manages our 800-strong CAPI Fieldforce and in-house CATI Centre.

The Group has full ISO 27001 accreditation, allowing us to handle data to the highest level of Information Security requirements.  This is crucial to our ability to service clients in sectors such as Financial Services, Telecoms & Tech and Central Government, where our expertise in handling large, sensitive customer datasets has been built over many years.