Our opinions draw on our work, our backgrounds and our observations as customers ourselves, to create insight that helps brands be their best version of themselves.

Post-digital Customers Report

Digital changes what customers expect from brands. As they become more confident in using the power digital has given them, they become less tolerant of brand short-comings. Find out how brands can best navigate these challenges in our definitive report.

Our Latest Thinking

Customers are people first, customers second, and we find the dynamic between the two fascinating. Our thinking draws on our work, our backgrounds and our observations as people ourselves, to create insight to help brands be their best version of the themselves.


Customers have little interest in brands ‘hearing’ them: they want to be listened to, and for brands to act on what they say. This grows more important as tech players establish themselves in the spaces between brands and their customers, and evolve their agenda from disruption to displacement. Three challenges for brand decision makers fall out of all this:

  1. To leverage digital’s strengths, without allowing tech-based competition to erode the brand’s essential connection with customers.
  2. To cut through the flow of customer information coming into the brand, to focus on what matters (‘the signal’), and ignore all else (‘the noise’).
  3. To ensure ‘what happens’ in the business – strategy, brand delivery and measures – is aligned with ‘what matters’ to customers. And that, in essence, is what we help ambitious brands do.

Customers are inextricably linked to money: they drive sales, fuel growth and feed brand valuations. Yes, brands create value for customers, but the crucial thing digital taught us is that customers create the £-value in brands.