Investing in talent is at the very heart of our strategy.

That’s because, as the last of our four Beliefs states, we think people are more important than strategy.

Quadrangle has always attracted seriously talented people and we plan to keep it that way. Regardless of how long someone stays with us, our aim is to add value to their career. This is embodied in our two strategic goals, i.e.:

  1. To grow value: for our clients, in our people and of the business.
  2. To be a reference business, the one that others aspire to.

If you are interested in a career at Quadrangle, please see our Careers page, which includes Current vacancies.

Beliefs and expectations

We are often asked what it’s like to work at Quadrangle. Like all professional services firms, we have high expectations and standards. We also know that responsibility can’t be given, only taken.

To get a sense of what it’s like here, read our Beliefs and Expectations below.

We have four deep Beliefs as a business.

These Beliefs underpin our culture, way of working and attitude to our clients and the work we do:

People and ideas: our deepest belief is in the power of people and ideas – ‘using ideas as our maps’, to quote someone.

Generosity: the recognition that we can do more and better together than we can on our own and, from this, the importance of sharing things of value – ideas, time, energy, etc.

Optimism: the belief that things can be done better or made better. If you don’t believe that you can’t do a good job and shouldn’t be here – as an employee or as a client.

Humanism: an understanding that people really are more important than strategy sits at the heart of Quadrangle.

We have eight Expectations of you.

Regardless of your position, we expect people who work here to:

  1. Think: that’s what you’re here for, paid for and makes you great – everything else is process
  2. Learn: be curious, help others to learn and turn what you learn into knowledge for the business
  3. Be commercial: follow the money, make the right call and don’t waste stuff of value
  4. Create and deliver value: for clients, the business and the people who work here
  5. Enjoy people: because working with people is at the heart of all that we do
  6. Use the whole person: draw on everything that makes you who you are in what you do
  7. Stretch yourself: set your own standards, don’t be satisfied with the satisfactory and become great
  8. Go for it: we employ grown ups and trust people to do the right thing – so step up, take responsibility (which can’t be given, only taken) and seize the opportunity

In short, we expect people here to want – and be able – to do great work.

And you can have eight Expectations of us.

Regardless of your position, people who work here can expect:

  1. Respect: you will be dealt with honestly, openly and, above all, with integrity and respect
  2. Fairness: you will be treated justly and with decency, in ways that allow all to maintain their dignity
  3. Freedom: you will be given the space and disciplines to do great work, with a minimum of constraints
  4. Engagement: you will be encouraged to get involved in making us better – as a business and as a place to work
  5. Support: we will give you the advice, guidance and support, both professionally and personally, you need to succeed here
  6. Challenge: we will stretch you by deliberately involving you in new situations, with different types of projects, clients and people
  7. Opportunity: we will enable you to develop your abilities, grow your talent and build the value of your career
  8. Inspiration: we will provide a world class environment – people, place and practices – to inspire you to do great work

In short, people here can expect to be stretched by, fulfilled through and rewarded for doing great work.