Independent in attitude, ownership and thinking.

We are a contrarian business, at our best when challenging establishing wisdom and pushing thinking forward.

Quadrangle is 100% owned by the people who work here.

This gives us freedom to think for ourselves, without constraints, and we encourage people to use this.

From time to time we will publish our thinking, if we genuinely believe it deserves a wider audience.

What we won’t do is tie ourselves to a bogus promise of brilliant new thinking once a week, every week.

Opposite is a summary of our thinking currently on the site, or coming shortly.

Report on the 2017 Customer Summit (PDF download)

Insights from the first Customer Summit, 2nd November 2017.

Coming shortly.

Post-digital Customers research preview (PDF download)

Presentation given to the 2017 Customer Summit by Managing Partner, Ben Skelton.

Available now

‘Post-digital Customers’ Report (register request)

The full Report on our ground-breaking ‘Post-digital Customers’ study will be published in early 2018.

To request a copy of the Report, please request it by clicking here.

ArticlesComing shortly

A brief history of digital (PDF download)

The Uses of Insight (PDF download)

The Third Wave of Digital (PDF download)

Two dynamics of customer satisfaction (PDF download)