Seeing straight through you

The appeal of brand transparency

Transparency in a post-digital world

Knowledge sharing is one of the biggest shifts of post-digital times. It’s futile for brands to think that customers can’t work out ulterior motives. Everyone knows everything.

Giving your communication the human touch can play a crucial role in bridging the gap between data privacy and personalisation, our Post-digital Customers’ report has found.

Our Post-digital Customers Report, based on a nationally representative survey of 5,000 consumers using Dynata’s online panel shows that 70% of the UK public are uncomfortable with how brands store and use their personal data.

For brands looking to win a skeptical public over to sharing data with them, making openness a virtue and openly explaining how data capture benefits both customers and the brand itself, will generate trust and permission. Those brands that build this openness into strategies around personalisation or developing voice will the ones that succeed.

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