How digital is changing customers and what this means for brands in 2020

map of post-digital world

Digital transformation has been the defining movement of our time. Now we have entered a post-digital era in which digital, though continuing to innovate and evolve, is fully embedded in our lives and customer behaviours, attitudes, expectations and loyalties have been irrevocably altered as a result.

For brands, the post-digital landscape is currently dominated by five behemoths that comprise customer expectation. Personalisation, transparency, simplicity & ease, value & fair exchange and loyalty are central to how customers perceive the value of brands and why they choose one brand over another.

Since 2016, our annual Post-digital Customers survey has explored the shifts in customer behaviours, attitudes, expectations and in relation to these. This year we’ve presented our findings as infographics, each exploring the themes through the prism of a key brand challenge or opportunity that is currently front of mind for customers.

Taken as a set they give a unique insight into the most pressing challenges and opportunities brands will face in 2020, and reveal where brands can apply post-digital rationale to make significant gains.

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