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“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Our heartlands are in helping brands use customer knowledge and insight to improve customer – and commercial – performance.

We know how to do this because we’ve been doing it for 30 years.

We have the stories (and awards) to prove it.

From management consultancy to Research for decision makers

Quadrangle began in July 1987 as the central strategic planning unit for WCRS Group.

Initially based in Wardour Street, after two years we led a City-backed MBO and moved round the corner to Dean Street.

In 1996, we bought out our investors and moved into our current home at Butlers Wharf. We’ve been 100% independent – in ownership, thinking and attitude – ever since.

For the first 20 years we operated as a management consultancy, helping clients create and implement customer-led strategies.

Much of our work from then – such as helping separate the Audi and Volkswagen brands, and creating Investors in People – is still evident today.

We started doing our own research for the simple reason that we thought we could do better than what we got from the research industry. In 2007 we launched Research for Decision Makers.

Since then, we’ve tripled in size and won multiple awards.

But Quadrangle has always been a restless, contrarian business.  We’re at our best when challenging accepted wisdom to push thinking forward.

Now, it’s time to move on again.

Customer know-how : our third major iteration

Since 2007, the combination of smart phones, social media and ‘always-on’ connectivity has fundamentally changed customer habits, loyalties and behaviours.

In less than ten years, digital has created new consumer norms, shifted market power to customers, re-defined the competitive environment and enabled tech players to establish themselves in the space between brands and their customers.

The deep challenge for brands is to embrace digital in ways that leverage their strengths, without allowing new tech competitors to erode their essential connection with customers.

All this massively dials up the importance of staying close to ‘what matters’ to customers. And makes using customer knowledge to improve performance a strategic imperative.

Customer know-how helps brands do that.

Over 30 years, the ‘how’ of what we do has changed considerably, but never the ‘why’.

The first line of our Manifesto, which we wrote back in 1987, reads: Quadrangle exists to help our clients succeed and grow.

That remains as true today as it was then: our focus was – and still is – on helping brands improve customer performance.