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Overview of our services

Our core Customer know-how service involves helping brands create and apply customer knowledge and insight in six main areas:

  1. Journeys and tracking
  2. Engagement and retention
  3. Innovation and propositions
  4. Segmentation and customer value
  5. Small data and customer analytics
  6. CEx consulting and CEx research

Usually, the work we do involves original research to generate new customer knowledge and insight.  Other times, our role is to bring together and synthesise what is known about customers from existing knowledge and insight.  The ideal is to do both.

We have a full in-house research and data analytics capability, including data collection and processing, to support our Customer know-how work.  We are able to generate high-quality outputs, including broadcast-quality films, on-site at Butlers Wharf.

We also offer a consulting service, to help brands make the most of their investment in customer insight, data and analysis and reporting tools.

New Masters is radical new system of metrics to help brands make sense of their customers’ digital engagement.

In addition, we have a separate business in the Group, RED, that provides access to specific audiences for brands, consultancies and agencies.

Customer know-how : six main areas of work

Our work with brands clusters into six main areas.

These areas are not mutually exclusive and often the work we do covers more than one area, as an integrated, phased programme.

Also, we tend to have relationships with clients over an extended period so that our knowledge of their brand, business and customers builds over time.

Journeys and tracking

1. Journeys and tracking

We help brands scope and track what matters to customers across multi-channel journeys and touch points.

Engagement and retention

2. Engagement and retention

We help brands create, engage and keep customers, online and offline, in a world where digital has enabled promiscuity.

Innovation and propositions

3. Innovation and propositions

We help brands use insight to innovate and develop propositions – brand, strategy, product, service, etc. – across the real and digital worlds.

Segmentation and customer value

4. Segmentation and customer value

We help brands segment a customer base or market, map current and future value, and work through how this can be unlocked.

Small data and customer analytics

5. Small data and customer analytics

We help brands combine small data and customer analytics to explain, predict and improve customer performance.

CX consulting and CX research

6. CX consulting and CX research

We help brands design, build and run new CX systems; and help bring new vigour and focus to make existing programmes more effective.

Consulting services

Our consulting services include:

  1. Helping brands identify/ scope their customer insight needs and then design ‘whole system’ customer feedback solutions, that integrate all six sources of insight.
  2. Auditing and synthesising existing customer knowledge/ insight within a brand to create a practical, accessible and updatable Brand Insight Framework for use across the whole business.
  3. Working with brands to make their insight investments – trackers, VoC programmes, data assets, etc. – work harder, and to ensure they are both aligned with and drive ‘what matters’ to customers.
  4. Developing customer-based Brand Performance Metrics that measure and explain the brand’s performance in customer terms (and directly connect this to financial performance).
  5. Helping build Customer know-how as an organisational capability in brands.

How to use us

We are quite flexible in how we work.

Our best clients tend to have longer-term partnerships with us – we’ve worked with the Volkswagen Group every day for 30 years, for example – though we also do a good deal of project-based or more tactical work.

If you haven’t worked with Quadrangle yet, why not try us on something small?

Our pricing policy

‘Any notion of value without a definition of quality is meaningless; quality can only be defined by reference to what is valued by the customer’

– W. Edwards Deming

Quadrangle will never be the cheapest provider.  If we were, we couldn’t do what we do and our ability to have an impact on our clients’ business would be seriously constrained.

We have a straightforward three-point pricing policy:

  1. We will always be highly price-competitive on the data collection component of any insight work we do, but will not compromise on quality.
  2. We set our charge-out rates between those of research agencies and management consultancies. We benchmark the rates and are happy to share these data.
  3. We never want to lose work on price and are happy to negotiate. If we can’t get to a number that works, we’ll walk away.