Graham Brown,
Research Director.

When you bring a business’s customers truly to life, and can transform the way they think about them for the better – that’s what really matters to me.

I’m a Research Director, and joined Quadrangle on the day that the London 2012 Olympics started (it was a pretty memorable first day’s commute). I’m a qualitative specialist, and the best thing about this is that I never get tired of people telling me their stories. A lot of the work I do is with typically low engagement sectors such as energy and insurance, but actually, done right, there’s a huge amount to be unearthed from customers’ experiences that can help change the way organisations approach things to mutual benefit – and we’re really proud to have won awards to that end. And I do all this with some of the brightest and loveliest people I’ve ever met. Outside of work, it’s all about music, travel and food – preferably together.