Christine Hastings,
Partner & Founder.

I have a particular interest in addressing the issues that impact society.

My early career in marketing and communications saw me appointed as a board director of a top ten PR consultancy, where the idea for Quadrangle was first born. Three decades on what excites me about the company hasn’t changed; our mission and my passion is still to help our clients succeed and grow. What has changed is the number of talented people we employ, the number and range of different clients we work with, and the way we work with them to solve business challenges and answer the question – what next? I have a particular interest in and experience of working with the public sector where the issues that need addressing impact society. My internal responsibility is overseeing the personal and career development of all Quadrangle’s staff, and ensuring our ethos and values are embedded into the way we work in teams and in a spirit of partnership with clients. There still has not been time to find the holiday home in Italy that has been a long held dream, but indulging in all things Italian, renovating my London home and immersing myself in the worldclass cultural scene that London has to offer keeps me busy; and there is just not enough time to read all the books that need to be read.