Caroline Dieleman,
Senior Analyst.

My key focus is implementing thoughtful research methodologies and to examine data through a critical lens that facilitates actionable client strategy.

I am a senior analyst at Quadrangle and have over 6 years of experience in research and consulting. I started out in the travel sector working for Expedia, after which I spent 2 years as a consultant and analyst at KAE consulting working across projects in both the private and the public sector. I have worked across all corners of project deliveries; from fieldwork and scripting to analytics and reporting.

My main focus is on analysis-led projects where my areas of expertise are; pricing effectiveness, market share, portfolio optimization and segmentations.

I am a keen linguist and am fluent in English, Dutch and French have an advanced understanding of German. I also like to stay active in my spare time and play rugby, participate in triathlons and travel around the world.