Quadrangle exists to help our clients succeed and grow.
We believe growth and success are rooted in the ability to think better and act differently.
And we believe people – through their attitudes, ideas and abilities – create success and growth.
This inspires us.
It shapes our work, approach and attitude.
It makes us single-minded in what we do, but open-minded about how we do it.
It explains why we work in teams and as partners with our clients.
It’s why we look for people with natural wit, intelligence and nous.
And admire the energy, focus and passion of the entrepreneur.
It creates the attitude at the very heart of Quadrangle:
entrepreneurial imagination.

Who we are

Entrepeneurial imagination.

We wrote our Manifesto in 1987. The ideas and beliefs it articulates are as relevant today as they were back then.

Quadrangle has changed a lot over the years. Yet, in many ways,
we’ve hardly changed at all. We wrote the Quadrangle Manifesto
when we first started in 1987 and haven’t changed a word since. It
holds as true today in capturing our raison d’etre and what matters
to us as it did when we first wrote it.

Entrepreneurial imagination
Entrepreneurs create value. They look at the world as it is and
have insights about what could be that others miss or can’t see.
Their insights are about potential, about possibility and about
opportunity, and are accompanied by an intuitive, visceral sense of
how the entrepreneur can make the ‘what could be’ a reality. The
coming together of the power of the idea, with deep, often
instantaneous, clarity as to how it can be realised inspires and
energises entrepreneurs.

By contrast, imagination is something that happens in our heads.
It’s an original view of something that isn’t – or, at least, isn’t yet.
Imagination enables us to envisage different futures and other
possibilities. It’s about what could be, unbounded by the
constraints of what is. As such, whilst imagination is connected to,
it is different from creativity, which tends to be both more bounded
and more directed.

‘Entrepreneurial imagination’, then, refers to the particular ability
that entrepreneurs have to – simultaneously – see what could be
and how they can make it a reality. This fusion of insight and action
as an inseparable whole creates great energy: it’s what inspires,
motivates and, ultimately, defines entrepreneurs.

This is what we aspire to. It’s what clients point to when they talk
about the spark, the something extra, the magic that – at our best
– we bring to the work we do with clients.