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For years, tracking studies were interesting but little used. Now, the ability to scope and track what matters to customers is a basic pre-requisite for success.

We do leading edge work with major clients such as O2, John Lewis, The Co-operative Group, Tempur and a blue-chip card company in the UK and globally.

Increasingly, this centres around linking customer experience to value.

Initially, our priority is to ensure that what’s measured reflects what matters to customers; and that what’s delivered, supports and enables action.

But the real value comes from linking tracking metrics to customer data – behavioural, transactional and profiling – across channels, journeys and touch points, and then using these to, e.g.:

  • prioritise the allocation of resources and investments to optimise ROI;
  • guide customer decisions: servicing, operational and commercial;
  • target improvements in the customer experience to build loyalty and spend.

Often, we do qualitative work alongside this to better understand, e.g.:

  • the types of journeys customers make, which parts are critical and why prospects drop out;
  • which parts of the journey are critical to buying decisions, satisfaction, loyalty, etc.
  • what creates or destroys customer value, and drives dissatisfaction.

Clients use our work to build predictive models, support commercial decision making and improve performance. A number of clients describe the work we do as a primary source of competitive advantage.

We specialise in CX, CSI, CSat, NPS and Brand work covering current, prospect, lapsed and competitor customers across consumer, B2B and trade markets in the UK and globally.

We are equally able to create new, to improve existing or to merge multiple tracking programmes.

Our flagship product is Customer Value Indicators (CVIs), a more effective and customer-centric tracking system.

We also have expertise in linking CX to £-value; and reducing dissatisfaction, which is the shortest route to value growth.