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Drucker* got it right in saying we need to see innovation ‘in demand terms rather than supply terms – that is, as changing the value and satisfaction obtained from resources by consumers.’

We facilitate innovation and proposition development – brand, strategy, product, service, pricing, etc. – with a range of blue-chip clients, including Volkswagen Group, Post Office and Lloyds Banking Group.

* Peter Drucker, ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ (1985, Classic Drucker Collection, Routledge)

We start with customers and work outwards. Nothing else makes sense in a world where power is rapidly shifting to the demand side.

Today’s customers have more choice, are more bombarded with messaging, and more capable of seeing into the choices a brand makes. They are more marketing literate, channel savvy and articulate about what brands need to do for them. We look to leverage this.

So – regardless of the specifics of how they’re done – our aim is to create ‘events’ that directly, explicitly and honestly engage customers in the process of innovation and proposition development. We fuse customer needs with the inherent truths of a brand, and treat the digital and real worlds as one.

The essence of our innovation and proposition development work is in engaging customers to (co-)create solutions. Our skills are in creating, facilitating and reporting on events that deliver what’s required – though, in fairness, not always what’s expected.

We have our own approach, IGEN, built around four distinct stages: Immerse, Generate, Evaluate, Nail it. We also offer a fast-track Innovation Incubator, based on hacker principles, to go from ‘I’ to ‘N’ in c.48 hours,

Clients also ask us to help, e.g.:

  • design convincing propositions and test their viability;
  • explore areas for enhancement or define ‘go to market’ requirements;
  • build commercial Business Cases, e.g. to change strategy in a market, or to launch something new.

Our clients tell us that we stimulate their internal teams, and give them the confidence to take innovations and new propositions to market.