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The correlation between CX performance and long-run commercial success is an accepted principle, from the front line to the boardroom. Yet, unless they are built on and embody a proper understanding of ‘what matters’ to customers, CX systems are a waste of money and can do more harm than good.

Our underpinning CX framework

Quadrangle Research Group CX Framework


Quadrangle Research Group CX Consulting and CX Research People

CX consulting

Our consultants have client-side experience and the emotional intelligence to appreciate and take account of brand, organisational and cultural differences,

This is key, given how CX systems need to impact and align internal attitudes and behaviours if they are to be truly effective.

We also bring problem-solving skills and the ability to persuade through logic and analysis. Here, we unashamedly draw on our research capability and heritage.

Working as CX partners, we help brands:

  • Represent the Voice of the Customer
  • Set CX standards and define priorities.
  • Win support and cooperation for change.
  • Ensure that progress, challenges and customer learnings are shared.
  • Scope and design best in class CX systems across all channels.
  • Feed in emerging trends, practices and technologies relevant to the sector.

Underpinning our consulting work is the belief that successful CX systems focus on building internal consensus and momentum; and ensure what is done makes sense in customer terms.

CX research

Unless the way metrics are defined, how data are collected and what is reported directly reflect ‘what matters’ to customers, CX tracking research is a waste of money.

Equally important – but often forgot – is that CX research needs to be dynamic over time.

  • Customer behaviours are constantly changing and CX research needs to reflect this.
  • As well as what is measured, there also needs to be flexibility on how: the ways of getting customer feedback evolve.
  • Decision makers need to be able to easily tap into CX outputs to enable informed, ‘in the moment’ decision-making.

Our core research capabilities include:

  • Building new CX systems and bringing vigour and focus to existing programmes.
  • Developing KPIs and Customer Experience dashboards.
  • Using segmentation models e.g. New Masters, to prioritise and target customer centric investment.
  • Advising on and implementing approaches and tools e.g. customer journey mapping.