Customer portraits

Wayne, 32.

A divorced Account Manager, living with his partner, Emma.

Wayne is a divorcee aged 32 from Leeds. He works as an Account Manager for Asda and lives with his partner, Emma, in a flat they jointly own. They don’t have children, but their little dog takes up a lot of their free time. Wayne sees doing car boot sales as a very English thing to do but at the same time is savvy around IT. Much of his work involves working on computers and he is confident about the way his data is used on the internet. He and Emma set up a Facebook group amongst the residents which achieved significant savings. The group now has 2000 members.

“I do try to stay loyal [but] I will only be loyal as long as they don’t let me down. If they’re still competitive and still giving good customer service and they don’t let me down, that’s when I’ll stay loyal. The thing is there’s so much competition out there for customers.”