Customer portraits

Summer, 18.

A soon-to-be hospital apprentice, living alone in a housing co-operative flat.

Summer is 18, and lives alone in a housing co-operative flat in the north of England. She is waiting to start an HS apprenticeship in St James’ Hospital, and is looking forward to this as it’s what her Nanna does. She leads an independent life and gets help from her Mum and Nanna, both of whom live nearby. She also gets a lot of help from the local Housing Association, with weekly visits to make sure that she is getting by.

“I had to ring the gas company so many times. I didn’t really feel like a customer then, even though I am. They’re not really bothered at the fact that my gas isn’t on. It’s like they just don’t care, as long as they’re going home with their wages, and they’ve got gas in their house.”