Customer portraits

Kevyn, 45.

A married Charity worker with three children, living in Wales.

Kevyn is 45, married, and works at Cardiff University for Cancer UK. He has three children: 10, 13 and a 15 year old stepdaughter, he lives on the outskirts of the city and tends to shop by convenience. Kevyn is an avid list maker for food shopping. He is a keen gardener and DIY-er. Amazon Prime is Kevyn’s go-to place for non-grocery products – ‘I’m a devilish fan of Amazon Prime’ – and has made about 135 purchases in the last 9 months. He ikes geeky newsletters about tools, is attracted by offers and vouchers, and sees himself as a ‘sucker for a good deal’. Although is a ‘daily’ user of Facebook, Kevyn is ‘suspicious’ of social media,.

“I’ve got reminders in my diary to go and change my house contents insurance, my buildings insurance, my car insurance, my utilities, and so on. I’m now doing that on an annual basis, because I know I’ll lose out if I stay with the same company.”