Client stories

O2 Telefónica.

Leveraging the £-value of customer satisfaction (and helping O2 win more awards).

We have worked with O2 since 2008, with a primary focus on helping measure and improve customer satisfaction.  A priority has been to understand – and quantify – the link between Customer Satisfaction and Customer £-Value.   This work has transformed O2’s customer strategy: it has driven a focus on reducing dissatisfaction, helped the brand retain customers for longer, and improved commercial ROI. We also helped O2 develop the business case for an innovative customer renewals programme to reduce churn among higher risk iPhone customers. The results were ‘amazing’ and the programme won O2 a Marketing Society Excellence award.

Client: O2 Telefónica

Project: Measuring customer satisfaction (on-going), and related projects

Services: Customer metrics design & tracking, research & data integration, social media analyses, qualitative consultations, small data, forecasting, evaluations, advisory