client stories

Launching a mattress proposition

The challenge

Some customers who want the benefits of a memory foam mattress see the cost of a premium product as a barrier. Tempur wanted to develop a product that would appeal to a new customer base without diminishing the brand’s core range or cannibalising existing customers.

Our solution

Through quantitative conjoint analysis, we established the most important differentiators customers had when choosing a new mattress, and also how these worked in relationship to one another. The reach of the model was extensive, as it needed to work across different markets and answer questions about the range of demographics involved. Subsequently, we explored opinions in greater depth through a qualitative project to learn how best to position the products.

We discovered how drivers for these targeted customers, which included online reviews, long trial periods as well as the feel of the mattress, worked in relation to their opinions of spend. Our existing tracker work with the brand augmented the insight.

The outcome

Our strategy guided Tempur’s final proposition, helping shape the product range, the saliency of the product name, and the positioning within the brand’s core offering as well as the wider European mattress market, all of which ultimately added value to the brand.

We helped Tempur:

  • Attract and develop customers
  • Take products and services to market
  • Track and Improve brand and customer metrics

What was involved:

  • Conjoint analysis
  • Qualitative
  • Working internationally

Specialisms that helped:

  • Running customer closeness events
  • Synthesising and interpreting multiple sources of insight
  • Combining behavioural data with research data
  • Embedding research and insight into strategy