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Helping Tempur-Sealy understand customer journeys

As an infrequent purchase, and therefore one you’re going to have to live with for quite a while, selecting the right mattress is a serious business. Working with Tempur-Sealy, we followed customers through the lengthy journey of buying a new mattress in order to understand the decision-making process. When most people only change their own mattress once every decade, it’s important to beat the competition to the punch, particularly in a sector that has seen the entry of several disrupter brands.

We followed twenty people through their mattress-buying journey (whether they were planning to buy a Tempur mattress or not), to gather qualitative data that would inform Tempur-Sealy about how people make decisions. Our research debunked many a myth and legend about the mattress-buying journey, such as the idea that people only buy a mattress every ten years. It’s clearly an infrequent purchase, but many households have more than one mattress in their homes so may buy more often. Similarly, they could be buying for a family member, or for a second property that they own. There are several possibilities, and more opportunity to reach consumers than the client previously thought, which we were able to inform them pointed to a need for a broader portfolio strategy.

We also discovered that when a couple is making a mattress decision together, the woman’s opinion tends to be the stronger one, with the men being less concerned with the type of mattress they buy and more focused on the potential embarrassment of taking their shoes off and lying on a bed in the store (this is why many retailers cover the bottom end of the mattress so people don’t have to remove their shoes).

Our work challenged a lot of accepted ‘truths’ and demonstrated that the purchasing process is far from a straight forward, linear one. We helped to define where customer messaging and support was needed most, in order to inspire confidence in brand selection and maintain Tempur-Sealy’s premium image.

Tempur-Sealy isn’t the kind of brand we usually work with (you never know where your clients will move on to), but our work with them has been extremely successful and we’ve continued our relationship with the business to help keep its brands ahead in the extremely competitive, global marketplace. Our partnership with the brand remains one of our most successful.

Our work involved:

Longitudinal qualitative journeys
Customer portraits
Marketing strategy