client stories


As part of RSA’s objective to optimise customers’ claims experiences, Quadrangle tracked the insurance claims of over 100 customers in step-by-step detail as they were happening, from beginning to end.

Claimants documented their experiences in a variety of forms through an online portal — both self-initiated and in response to prompts — uploading self-made videos, responding to questions and submitting freely written updates.

By recording experiences in real time we captured in-the-moment insights into the fine details of customers’ cases, across all of the various claims journey touch points. Critically, it meant that customers could fully express and communicate the emotional dimensions of the experience along the way — all of which a standard research approach would have underplayed.

The outputs from the study had a powerful impact on thinking around systems, processes and training, and led to a number of clearly defined customer-focused developments.The work won the MRS Best Applications of Research Award — another trophy to put in the chock-a-block cabinet.

Our work involved:

Longitudinal qualitative research
Customer experience strategy