client stories

Long-term customer satisfaction with O2

Our work with O2 to track customer satisfaction is one of our long-term success stories.  At its inception, we worked with the O2 insight team to define why they should focus on customer satisfaction and the measures needed to improve it.

Through tracking, customer data and social media analysis, as well as a host of other methods, our work has helped align brand strategy with customers’ expectations.  Through our insight, we encouraged O2 to get their base level service to the highest standard first, and subsequently focus on building customer loyalty through their Priority Programme.

This information helped O2 switch up their customer strategy. We also helped them develop an innovative customer renewals programme, to build customer loyalty amongst iPhone users. The programme won a Marketing Society Excellence award, which they were quite chuffed about – as were we.

Our work involved:

Customer metrics
Design and tracking
Research and data integration
Social media analyses
Qualitative consultations
Small data analytics, forecasting and evaluations
Customer strategy