client stories

Long-term customer satisfaction with O2

The challenge

Identifying what’s important to the  customer is key to measuring and improving O2’s customer experience.

The stakeholders had clear objectives to prioritize investment and demonstrate ROI.

Our solution

We helped the Customer Experience team build a tracking system that brings together multiple research and customer data sources.

Through this we can identify and understand any pain points and make recommendations for improvements.

Our work informs and supports customer strategy, helping to prioritize what matters.

The outcome

Our 10+ years, our insight and analytics work has revealed strategic areas for improvement.

We also helped O2 develop an innovative customer renewals programme, to build customer loyalty amongst iPhone users.

The programme won a Marketing Society Excellence award.

We helped O2 with:

  • Customer tracking
  • Analysing and making sense of multiple data sources
  • Customer value analytics

What was involved:

  • Predictive tools
  • Initiative impact measurement
  • Aligning customer experience with expectations

Specialisms that helped:

  • Synthesising and interpreting multiple sources of insight
  • Getting impact and value from research investment
  • Humanising research findings and data
  • Embedding research and insight into strategy