client stories

Tracking long-term customer satisfaction

The challenge

Customer Satisfaction (C-Sat) is so much more than a simple metric. In the telco marketplace, satisfied customers are the keystone of competitive advantage. O2 asked Quadrangle to help quantify and track customer satisfaction to support its long-term strategies to build loyalty, win new customers and prioritise investment.

Our solution

We worked with O2’s Customer Experience team to build an integrated C-Sat tracking system, bringing together multiple sources of research and customer data to diagnose pain points and identify improvements.

We set-out with simple principles:

  • Preserve the value of existing surveys
  • Introduce a customer centric point-of-view
  • Provide an actionable record of events and root causes
  • Leverage the value of other business intelligence

The system we built is bespoke to O2, enabling in-depth analysis to inform plans, set and monitor targets and support day-to-day decision making.

The outcome

O2’s C-Sat tracking system paints an ongoing picture of customers’ needs, expectations and behaviours which supports countless initiatives and business cases. For example, tracking data was instrumental in developing O2’s award-winning customer renewals programme for iPhone.

Its broadest strategic impact, however, is guiding the customer centricity that underpins O2’s brand promise and commercial success.

We helped O2 with:

  • Customer tracking
  • Analysing and making sense of multiple data sources
  • Customer value analytics

What was involved:

  • Predictive tools
  • Initiative impact measurement
  • Aligning customer experience with expectations

Specialisms that helped:

  • Synthesising and interpreting multiple sources of insight
  • Getting impact and value from research investment
  • Humanising research findings and data
  • Embedding research and insight into strategy