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Tracking brand and advertising performance

The challenge

Macmillan provides specialist health care, information and financial support to people affected by cancer. Quadrangle was asked to track Macmillan brand and advertising performance in the context of a changing landscape for charities.

Our solution

We designed a research-based system capable of continuously monitoring brand and advertising performance. The principle at the heart of the system is a combination of carefully selected metrics covering both brand health and campaign effectiveness.

As well as being efficient, this system gives Macmillan a single view of performance, which is vitally important when different parts of the organisation are focused on specific objectives.

It also allows the charity to sense check its brand strategies against behavioural trends in society, such as donation giving and fundraising, and spot interdependencies between factors like campaign timing, seasonality and other physical events. Sample can be boosted for hard-to-reach audiences.

The outcome

With demands on the charity sector at a high point, the value of a powerful brand is difficult to overstate. Our system identifies the levers Macmillan can pull to achieve its goals and provides a single, up-to-date picture of brand and advertising performance the whole organisation can get behind.

We helped Macmillan

  • Track brand and advertising performance
  • Select brand KPIs
  • Identify ways to engage new and existing audiences

What was involved

  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Advanced analytics, data analysis and modelling
  • Combining behavioural data with research data

Specialisms that helped

  • Key drivers, correspondence mapping and root-cause analysis
  • Engaging senior stakeholders
  • Achieving impact and value from research