client stories

Unpacking the culture of grocery shopping

Lay the Foundation

Food is one of the most dynamic and fast-changing aspects of our lives. M&S Food wanted help creating the right manifestation of their brand in food, that built on what customers already knew (and expected), yet encouraged them to reconsider the brand.

Explore the landscape

We melded together semiotics analysis of the UK food landscape going back 15 years with a short quant survey that identified the brand assets M&S uniquely and distinctly owned.

From our recommendations M&S developed new brand concepts which were later validated by testing in store adverts and television commercials in co-creation sessions. In these we got the client and customers together to assess what worked and what needed to be changed.

Uncover the human story

We discovered M&S has it own unique manifestation of humour and value in shopper’s minds. From this, we created a playbook of do’s and don’t to feed creative development in the future.

Deliver direction

Our strategy guided Marks & Spencer to a brand re-launch, and sat behind the creative vision and implementation of their This is Not Just Food revamp campaign.