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Future planning with Lloyds Banking Group

Our long partnership with Lloyds Banking Group has spanned a variety of projects over a number of years. For this project, we took a deep dive in to the lives of customers going through big changes like moving home, welcoming a new arrival to the family or coping with a death.

For the qualitative study, we drew together people who reflected a cross section of Lloyds’ banking customers and what they may go through in their lifetimes. Sitting down for some one-to-one chats with customers on their terms and in own homes, we were able to uncover what really affects them during the big moments in their lives, and where they felt bank services could help support them through those transitions.

This process was very much an open, honest dialogue between us and the customers. Nothing was considered off limits and people were able to share whatever they were comfortable with. It also gave us a chance to do what we do best; tell the brand what their customers are really thinking, and what truly matters to them.

This process created an extremely deep understanding of people’s experiences, with detailed and honest answers from those involved, and it was absorbed and taken on board by Lloyds. It helped inform their brand campaign ‘For Your Next Step’, which showed how Lloyds Banking Group is there to support its customers through every stage of their lives and has options in place for all kinds of possible scenarios.

Our work involved:

Brand strategy