client stories

Tracking end-to-end customer journeys

The challenge

John Lewis & Partners needed to track customers across 18 different purchase journeys, online, offline and from research through purchase to fulfillment.

This essential research would be used to guide customer experience strategy through all areas of the brand’s offering.

Our solution

Generating over 30,000 interviews a year, we have designed and built a performance improvement system, connecting omni-channel experiences to category, mission, customer segment and transactional data to provide a truly holistic view of the experience. This ‘always on’ tracker is one of the first programmes of its kind in the UK.

Our work delivers swift issue diagnosis, focusing on a range of touch points to work out precisely where and how the store meets (or exceeds) customer expectations and pin-pointing the areas and requirements for customer-focused resolution.

The outcome

In increasingly turbulent trading conditions, our work gives the leadership team at John Lewis & Partners the confidence they need to make decisions about where and how to invest in continuing to deliver great customer experiences.

We helped John Lewis & Partners with:

  • Customer tracking
  • Diagnosing brand strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
  • Customer experience and satisfaction

What was involved:

  • Predictive tools
  • Initiative impact measurement
  • Aligning customer experience with expectations

Specialisms that helped:

  • Synthesising and interpreting multiple sources of insight
  • Getting impact and value from research investment
  • Humanising research findings and data
  • Embedding research and insight into strategy