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Driving Jaguar Land Rover towards a successful launch

When Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) first thought about launching a new model in the sports utility vehicle segment, they asked us to look at the market to assess the impact it would have. What eventually became the Evoque was their first foray in to the world of SUVs and as a vehicle manufacturer known for making the world’s best off-road vehicles, they were naturally cautious about venturing in to a different market.

To enable them to commit to the manufacturing investment, we worked to develop a ‘bottom up’ prediction of how the new model would perform in the market. We used JLR’s sales predictions together with data from the syndicated New Car Buyers Survey, the brand’s own customer research, market share and pricing data alongside other factors to build a forecast which showed JLR that their expectations were set far too low.

The outcomes were so convincing that JLR decided to launch the new vehicle with a Range Rover, rather than Land Rover, badge – with a price tag to match. The rest, as they say, is history. Evoque went on to be the brand’s most successful ever launch, helping the business to reach a whole new audience and out-stripping sales of other models in the line-up to become the most successful JLR launch ever.

Our work involved:

Insight Aggregation
Secondary Data Analysis & Modelling