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Evaluating premium products across multiple markets

The challenge

When customers expect the highest standards, it pays to keep one step ahead. Amex asked Quadrangle to show how its premium card products compared with its nearest competitors and to highlight opportunities for improvement.

Our solution

We interviewed Amex premium card customers in markets around the world about the role credit cards play in their lives, and their associated views, needs and expectations.

To ensure comparability across markets, we designed surveys around a common framework, incorporating questions about satisfaction and brand perceptions, and deep dives at relevant touchpoints.

Other important aspects of the project were the scale and complexity of the research, the need for strict compliance with rules governing customer contact and exacting deadlines. A flexible, highly capable team was central to its success.

The outcome

We prepared a global report, bringing together insights and observations from the research, and a set of tailored reports covering the specifics of individual markets. Corresponding debrief presentations helped share findings and recommendations throughout the organisation.

We helped Amex understand the impact of cardholder experience and brand perceptions which helped guide the development of new premium products and services.

We helped Amex

  • Track brand perceptions and customer satisfaction
  • Identify drivers of advocacy and perceptions of value for money
  • Guide global and market level improvements

What was involved

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Quantitative research
  • International co-ordination
  • Advanced analytics

Specialisms that helped

  • Premium customer experience research
  • Project management
  • Statistical analysis
  • Embedding research and insight into strategy