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Careers at Quadrangle

Do you have a passion for creating compelling stories for clients that help them to maximise the performance of their customers?

If you do, then Quadrangle is the place for you.

We will give you opportunities to do your best work in an environment that is both dynamic and collaborative.

We look for research professionals at all levels with experience in Qual and Quant methodologies as well as individuals with analytics specialisms.

Opportunities to learn and grow.

Quadrangle Research Group Careers Learning

We know that the largest part of your decision to join a new employer will be based on how many opportunities that you will have to learn new things and progress your career.

At Quadrangle, you will have the opportunity to learn through the work that you are involved in which will challenge you intellectually and push your capability.

In addition to this ‘on the job’ learning, we will also provide a number of structured learning opportunities via our Quadrangle Learning & Development Programme.

This will include internally delivered workshops as well an opportunity to attend external training.

There is no set time lines to progress. The speed of progression is in your hands.

Trainee Research Executive Programme

Quadrangle Research Group Trainee Research Programme

For over 5 years now we have been recruiting talented people looking for a start to their careers in Market Research.

Those graduates that decide to join us are developed using a structured development programme which focuses on research specific skills as well as the softer skills required to be successful here.


There are also opportunities to attend external programmes offered by the MRS.

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Current Vacancies

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Nothing specific but interested in a chat?

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