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Based in London. Delivering globally.

We are headquartered in London, and work with partners in key markets.
The map shows where we’ve worked recently.

Quadrangle Research Group About Us World Map

We have two strategic goals:

  1. To grow value: for our clients, in our people and of the business.
  2. To be the reference business for our industry, the one that others aspire to.

For our first 20 years, the core of our business was strategic consulting – helping leading brands, multi-nationals, major plcs and Central Government create and deliver customer-led strategies.

Our experience of commissioning and using research as consultants made us critical of the research industry. We thought we could do better and, in Autumn 2007, launched Research for decision makers.

Since then we’ve grown like topsy, attracted a terrific set of clients, been voted Agency of the Year by clients and won a nice trio of Awards for ‘Commercial Acumen’ from AURA.

There are three parts to the Group:

  • Quadrangle – our core business, working globally with major clients in all key markets and sectors;
  • Quadrangle Operations – the in-house data collection, processing and reporting unit working across all main methods and platforms;
  • RED, our separate audiences and data business, for when clients just want the basics – see

The Group has full ISO 27001 (Information Security) and IQCS accreditation.

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Quadrangle Research Group Our Manifesto John Gambles

Our Manifesto

The Manifesto we wrote in 1987 is as true today as it was back then. The ‘attitude’ of Entrepreneurial imagination that it describes is still at the heart of our business.

Quadrangle Research Group Our Beliefs and Expectations

Our Beliefs and Expectations

Along with the Manifesto, our Beliefs and Expectations form the bedrock for everything we are, think and do. We induct people who join on what these mean, imply and demand.