30 years of helping brands improve customer performance.

Since 1987, the ‘how’ of what we do has changed considerably, but never the ‘why’

Quadrangle began life in July 1987 as the central strategic planning unit for the WCRS Group, based in Wardour Street.  Two years later we did a City-backed MBO and moved round the corner to Dean Street.

In 1996, we bought out our investors and moved into Butlers Wharf.  We’ve been 100% independent – in ownership, attitude and thinking – ever since.

From management consultancy to Research for decision makers

For the first 20 years we operated as a management consultancy, helping clients create and implement customer-led strategies.  Much of our work from then – such as helping separate the VW and Audi brands, and creating Investors in People – is still around today.

We started doing our own research because we weren’t satisfied with what we got from other agencies and thought we could do better.  In 2007, we launched Research for Decision Makers; since then, we’ve tripled in size and won multiple awards.

Our third iteration: Customer Consultancy

But Quadrangle has always been a restless, contrarian business.  We’re at our best when challenging accepted wisdom to push thinking forward. Now, with Customer Consultancy, we’ve moved on again to our third major iteration as a business.

30 years of remarkable clients.

Since 1987 we have been fortunate to work with a remarkable collection of clients.  We would like to thank all of you for making our journey to date so special.

Thank you.